A Place to Practice

Rehearsal Practice Space

Do you need a rehearsal studio or a practice space to refine your music and nurture your musical talents? At Decibel Rehearsal Studios, we are serious about music and dedicated to providing our clients and guests with the space they need to perfect their craft.  We welcome both amateur and professional musicians of all musical genres. Our studios are fully-equipped and readily available to accommodate your busy schedule, with operating hours from 10am until 2am. Don’t wait – check us out today and discover why we’re Metro Denver’s choice for local musicians!

Rooms fill quickly, so book your rehearsal studio today!

Decibel Rehearsal Studios was developed in concert with Kate Innes of Rocket Space, located in downtown Denver.

How It Works

We understand a musicians life can be difficult to schedule and plan around, which is why we offer the ability to book online anytime at your convenience!

Visit our booking page online or on your mobile device at www.decibelrs.com/booking. From there you can set up your customer profile, select the Studio you would like to book, the total number of hours you would like to practice, and the date and time for the rehearsal. Once confirmed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to get here and how to use your gate and studio codes. It’s just that easy! You can also reach us at reservations@decibelrs.com.

Be advised that an accurate name, email address, phone number, and credit card are required to make a booking. Although we prefer credit card payments for continuity and convenience purposes, cash payments can also be arranged.

A Unique Experience

Decibel Rehearsal Studios is truly a unique place to practice. Our practice rooms are re-purposed storage units, and comes with all the security benefits of a self-storage facility. Decibel Rehearsal Studios is located within Dove Valley Storage, which is surrounded by a $250,000 Security System that includes a 24/7/365 gated entrance with key card accessibility. If you’d like to leave some of your gear with us, you can rest assured, knowing that our storage units safe and secure.

“Decibel rehearsal space is one of the coolest spots in town. These guys and gals have organized a beautiful place to make some true magic. The studios are awesome, perfect for a variety of musical artists. The location is remote which I think is awesome, the air is much cleaner. Much love Decibel thanks to everybody involved.” – Michael Baker