How does Decibel Rehearsal Studios work?

Decibel Rehearsal Studios are professional sound-proofed and climate-controlled rooms designed for musicians and solo artists to rehearse and hone their craft. At present we specialize in “by-the-hour” bookings. There are two main rooms; The Sunset Studio and The Midnight Studio, and a Drum Room for solo drummers. Bookings are done online via computer or mobile device at Once you have signed up with a valid name, email, phone number, and credit card, you may begin making bookings. One you have made a booking, a confirmation email will be sent to you with your gate and Studio access codes, where to park, rules and expectations, and other important information.

Do you do recordings?

We are looking to expand out into recording and mixing of albums at some point, but do not offer that service at this time. The main reason for this is because we want to make sure we have certified and experienced sound engineers that can provide a quality experience and product to our clients. We feel it would be compromising to provide such a service until we are able to employ these professionals.

What are Decibel’s hourly rates and do you do by-the-month?

Our Hourly rate is $20 per hour for the Sunset and Midnight Rooms, and $15 per hour for the Drum Room. You will receive a $5 discount per booked hour if you sign up for a membership which is $5 a month to subscribe to. At the this time we do not do “lockouts” or “by-the-month” pricing, but clients are free to book as much time as they want up to a year in advance on

How big are the rooms?

After insulation and sound-proofing, rooms measure out to be 18.1’ x 12.4’. We can accommodate up to 10 people in one room. The Drum Room measures in at about 8.5’ x 8.5’ and is designed for one solo drummer, but can potentially accommodate two.

Can I bring my own equipment and/or leave gear in the studio? Does Decibel rent gear?

Clients are welcome to bring whatever equipment they would like but must keep track of it and take it with them when they leave. Clients also have the option of storing gear in storage units that they can rent through Dove Valley Storage. The Studios for the time being both come furnished with 2 guitar amps, a bass amp, drum kit, P.A., and three mic’s. More specific details can be found on when clients view rooms for booking and click the “Info” button. We are not set up to do any rental of equipment just yet, but stay tuned!

How do I make a booking?

Bookings can be made by clients on their computers or mobile devices by visiting, or on Facebook with the “Book Now” button. Clients will have to create a customer profile with their name, phone number, email, and credit card in order to make a booking. After you have done this, you can create a new booking by selecting your desired room, number of hours you would like booked, the day, and time block. Customers can actually make the booking first then sign up with their customer profile before checking out.

How do I sign up for a membership and how much is it?

Memberships are a $5 monthly subscription that turn all $20 bookings into discounted $15 bookings for one month for the Sunset and Midnight Rooms. To sign up, a client must create a customer profile on and once they have access to the “Customer Area”, they will see a “Membership” button that they will click. From there they can purchase their membership and set it up to autopay every month if they so desire.

What happens if I need to cancel/reschedule a booking?

If a client makes a booking and needs to alter it, they may do so from their customer area on after signing into their customer profile. From the customer area, you can click “Your Bookings” and be taken to a page that will list your recent bookings. If you click on an individual booking, you will see the option to change the time, date, and studio by clicking the “Change” button, or click “Cancel” at the bottom to cancel the entire booking. Be advised that our cancellation policy is as follows:

“There will be no cancellation fee if the cancellation is made 24 hours or more in advance from the start time of the booking. If a session is cancelled 24 hours or less before the first booked hour, we will charge half of the total amount paid as a fee. If a session is cancelled 6 hours or less before booking, there will be no refund issued. Be sure to double-check all bookings before confirming!”

If you need to reschedule to a time the precedes your initial booking, you can also do this from the “Your Bookings” section of the customer area or contact Matty at 720-588-2858 or

I want to book some time in advance, but it doesn’t show that the time block I want is available. Does this mean I will have to book a different time?

Typically yes, you should plan on booking a different time in this instance, but keep checking! Clients reschedule and cancel bookings often due to scheduling issues and you can make a booking up to 15 minutes in advance beforehand!

We lost track of time and are going to end up staying late or we want to purchase some more time and extend our booking. What do we do?

First you must ensure there is a time block available to reserve. The first and quickest way to do this is access our booking page at and see if there is a time block available after the final hour of your current booking. If there is, go ahead and reserve it. You have up to 15 minutes before the start of the booking to lock that time in. The second option is to contact Matty through email at or by phone or text at 720-588-2858 to ensure there is available time and we will set up the additional time. The latter option is preferred if you are not familiar with how to check available times or are otherwise unable to.

Can I bring in food and drink?

Yes you may bring food or drink into the rooms but you must clean up after yourselves and throw away any litter that you brought into the room. Please keep liquids and food of any kind OFF of all amplifiers and electronics. We have cup holders on mic stands and on the hi-hat stand of the drum kit in each room. Excessive trash left on the floor can result in a maintenance fee for cleaning and/or potential cancellation of your continued business with Decibel. We want a clean and professional place for musicians to work, and no one should have to clean up after another band!

Do the security camera’s in the rooms record audio?

The cameras we have installed in each room do NOT record any audio whatsoever. We opted for this to protect the integrity of the musicians music and to respect their privacy. They are video feed only, and are there to ensure safety and that accurate booking times are being taken.

I see there are thermostats in the room, but they are locked up. Can I not change the temperature?

Each of our studios are climate controlled using one compressor that controls each room. What that means is that one room can not be on air-conditioning while the other is on heat. If a client in one room turns on the heat while a client in another room turns on the air-conditioning, the compressor can not do both and will simply shut off. We try to keep the temperature on heat between 65° – 66° during the colder months and on air-conditioning between 63° – 64° during the hotter months. Every band is different and has different thresholds for comfort, so please dress accordingly!