Round drums-mdYou pour your heart and soul into your music, so why settle for sub-standard gear? Decibel Rehearsal Studios recognizes your passion for excellence. We have equipped our studios with brand name, high-end, professional grade equipment.  Each studio is equipped with a PA system, drum set, bass amp, and two half stack guitar “tube head” 100 watt amps.

Our studios are designed for the ultimate convenience of a plug-in and play rehearsal. Drive right up to the building, unload your instruments, and you’re ready to jam.



Instrument and Gear Storage

Are you looking for a rehearsal studio where you can store your gear between sessions? Then look no further!

Decibel Rehearsal Studios is unique in that our studios are located in the Dove Valley Storage facility. This means that we have storage units available to store your own personal equipment. This way you don’t have to lug your gear back and forth between practices!