Decibel Rehearsal StudiosOur rehearsal studios offer both amateur and professional musicians the essentials and amenities they need to work creatively in solitude, comfort and style. Whether you need space to brainstorm or practice your next demo or album, we have the infrastructure and equipment ready to accommodate you. When you settle into a Decibel Rehearsal Studio, you and your music will finally feel at home!

The Sunset and Midnight Studio are each approximately 20ft by 15ft while our Drum Room comes in at 9ft by 9ft. Each room features: superior soundproofing, preset climate-control, coded access, 24 hour surveillance cameras, and free wifi. For more information on what comes equipped in the rooms, you can view the “Info” button of your desired room from the booking page.

Our facility is completely secure with 24-hour video surveillance and coded access. All bookings for our studios must be made at least one hour in advance.

Available Rehearsal Studios

  • Sunset Studio
  • Midnight Studio
  • Drum Room Studio

Soundproofed Studios

Our rehearsal studios’ walls are scattered with soundproofing foam and each studio has a heavy-lined studio door to ensure that each studio is completely soundproofed. This means that you can play as loud as you want and will never hear the neighboring rooms!

Drum Room: Practice In Solitude

You know the deal. You want to practice a new drum beat you’ve been working on, but you have many restrictions as to when you can practice. Early in the morning, after it gets dark, and even during the day – your family, roommates, and neighbors are constantly badgering you to keep it down. Yet all you want to do is practice!

Decibel Rehearsal Studios has the solution! Our 9’x9′ drum room is the perfect size for any drummer to practice in solitude. You don’t have to worry about making too much noise since our rooms are soundproofed. Visit our booking page to get started!